Revolutionize Your
EBS Reporting

GL Connect brings real-time financial reporting from EBS directly into Excel, empowering your finance and accounting teams with immediate, elevated, and actionable insights.

EBS Reporting

GL Connect: The Definitive Choice for Superior Real-Time Reporting in Oracle EBS

Real-Time Reporting Efficiency

Elevate your Oracle EBS experience with GL Connect’s real-time reporting, enhancing data analysis and reporting speed

In-Depth Transactional Clarity

GL Connect brings added clarity to Oracle EBS transactions, offering comprehensive drill-down capabilities for insightful financial analysis.

Simplified Reporting Process

Enhance the ease of Oracle EBS reporting with GL Connect’s user-friendly tools, seamlessly integrated into your Excel environment.

Guaranteed Data Precision

GL Connect augments Oracle EBS by boosting the accuracy of your financial reports, ensuring dependable insights for strategic decision-making.

Accelerated Financial Closing Cycles

Improve efficiency in Oracle EBS with GL Connect, streamlining financial closing cycles and enhancing end-of-month reporting processes.

Lower Reporting Costs

GL Connect adds value to Oracle EBS reporting by offering a cost-efficient solution, optimizing financial management without sacrificing quality.

GL Connect: Your Bridge from EBS to Cloud

Seamless Transition with Continuous Reporting

Financial Reporting

Seamless Integration
for EBS Reporting

GL Connect streamlines reporting from Oracle EBS by connecting through SplashBI connectors to the SplashBI Platform, then directly into Excel. This architecture facilitates real-time data processing, ensuring that financial reports are both timely and accurate, ready for immediate use by finance teams.

With you now, and into the future.​

Choose GL Connect for a future-proof approach to financial reporting. Perfectly optimized for Oracle EBS today, and ready to support you when you decide to migrate to Fusion Cloud. Our commitment is to provide uninterrupted, high-quality reporting, adapting as your business technology evolves.​