Report Sharing Features

See how GL Connect’s Bursting and Distribution feature simplifies and automates the process of financial report sharing, ensuring timely and targeted delivery across your organization.

Key Benefits of GL Connect's Report Sharing Feature:

Share financial reports effortlessly, with GL Connect’s intuitive sharing capabilities.

Streamlined Collaboration

Share financial reports effortlessly with team members and stakeholders.

Secure Data Sharing

Maintain data integrity and confidentiality while sharing sensitive financial information.

User-Friendly Interface

Simple and intuitive sharing process, accessible within Excel.

Customizable Access Controls

Manage who can view or edit shared reports, ensuring controlled access.

Bridge distances with GL Connect's Report Sharing; it's like having your finance team in the next office, ensuring seamless collaboration, wherever you are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is the Report Sharing feature in GL Connect?

 It's designed with security in mind, ensuring that sensitive financial data is shared securely and confidentially.

Can access to shared reports be controlled or restricted?

Yes, GL Connect allows you to set customizable access controls to manage who can view or edit the shared reports.

Is the Report Sharing feature easy to use for those with basic Excel skills?

Absolutely, it's integrated within Excel's familiar interface, making it simple and intuitive for all users.

How does this feature facilitate better decision-making?

By enabling timely and secure sharing of financial data, it supports informed discussions and collaborative decision-making.

Can reports be shared externally, outside the organization?

Yes, reports can be shared externally while ensuring data security and compliance with organizational policies.