Cloud & EBS Reporting

Optimize your financial reporting using GL Connect’s versatile capabilities for both Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS. Experience the advantage of near real-time data access from Fusion Cloud or real-time reporting from EBS, all within the familiar and convenient Excel environment.

Enhanced Oracle Cloud & EBS Reporting with GL Connect

Leverage GL Connect for advanced reporting in either Oracle Cloud or EBS, all within Excel’s intuitive interface.

Dual Compatibility

Enhance your Oracle Cloud or EBS reporting with GL Connect’s efficient Excel integration.

Leading-Edge Cloud Reporting

Stand out with Fusion Cloud reporting capabilities, a distinct advantage in the market.

Real-Time EBS Insights

Access real-time data from Oracle EBS for immediate and accurate financial analysis.

Near Real-Time Cloud Reporting

Benefit from near real-time reporting capabilities for Oracle Fusion Cloud, ensuring timely data analysis.

Experience unparalleled reporting agility and precision with GL Connect, seamlessly providing elevated financial insights for both Oracle Cloud and EBS in Excel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does GL Connect handle reporting from both Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS?

GL Connect integrates seamlessly with both platforms, offering near real-time reporting from Fusion Cloud and real-time reporting from EBS, all within the familiar Excel environment.

What makes Fusion Cloud reporting with GL Connect stand out in the market?

The ability to report from Oracle Fusion Cloud is a rare and valuable feature, positioning GL Connect as a leading solution for modern financial reporting needs.

Is the reporting process user-friendly for non-technical finance professionals?

Yes, GL Connect is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, leveraging Excel's interface to make advanced reporting accessible to all users.

Can GL Connect handle the complexities of financial data from diverse sources?

Absolutely, it's equipped to manage and consolidate complex financial data from both Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS, providing comprehensive insights.

Does GL Connect support collaborative financial reporting and analysis?

Yes, it facilitates collaboration by allowing secure sharing and analysis of financial reports generated from both Oracle Fusion Cloud and Oracle EBS.