Custom Hierarchies

Efficiently organize and view your financial data with GL Connect’s Custom Hierarchy feature, offering perspectives and enhanced data analysis within Excel. Did we mention your custom-created hierarchies are completely drillable down to the subledger?

Key Benefits of GL Connect's Custom Hierarchy Feature

Organize your financial data effectively with GL Connect’s customizable hierarchies, enhancing clarity and insight.

Custom Hierarchy Feature

Personalized Data Views

Create hierarchies that align with your unique business structure for more relevant analysis.

Fully Drillable Custom Hierarchies

Dive from your custom hierarchies to subledger, a unique GL Connect feature.

Enhanced Reporting Flexibility

Adapt reports to various managerial and departmental needs.

User-Friendly Customization

Easily set up and modify hierarchies without needing advanced technical skills.

Craft your financial story with GL Connect’s Custom Hierarchies, uniquely drillable for in-depth insights, setting a new standard in financial analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How customizable are the hierarchies in GL Connect?

GL Connect's hierarchies are exceptionally customizable, enabling you to tailor them to precisely fit your organization's unique structure and reporting requirements. Beyond customization, these hierarchies are fully drillable, allowing for an in-depth exploration of financial data right down to the transactional level.

Is technical expertise required to set up custom hierarchies in GL Connect?

No, setting up custom hierarchies in GL Connect is designed for ease and accessibility. The feature is intuitive enough for self-service reporting, allowing users to create and modify hierarchies effortlessly without the need for extensive technical expertise or IT involvement. This empowers finance teams to manage their reporting structures independently, streamlining the reporting process.

Can custom hierarchies in GL Connect adapt to changes in my business structure?

Definitely, GL Connect's custom hierarchies are designed with flexibility at their core. They can be easily modified at any time to align with the evolving needs of your business, ensuring that even your established reports stay current and relevant.

How do custom hierarchies enhance financial reporting?

Custom hierarchies in GL Connect greatly enhance financial reporting by allowing you to organize and view data in a manner that perfectly aligns with your business model. This tailored approach not only yields clearer insights but also facilitates more relevant and effective financial analysis, crucial for informed Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).

Are these custom hierarchies beneficial for all levels of management?

Yes, they offer tailored data views that are valuable for various managerial and departmental levels, enhancing decision-making across the organization.