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Innovating Financial Reporting

Our new website highlights the significant evolution from SplashGL to GL Connect, marking a strategic rebranding to better reflect our solution’s capabilities and vision. This change underscores our dedication to advancing financial reporting, integrating real-time efficiency, and versatility with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, EBS, and OCI enabled, within the familiar Excel environment. GL Connect symbolizes our response to the dynamic needs of finance professionals, offering a future-proof platform for today and tomorrow’s financial landscape challenges.

Company Background:

GL Connect, born from the innovative spirit of SplashBI, stands at the forefront of financial reporting solutions. SplashBI has revolutionized business intelligence by offering diverse solutions that enhance data access, visualization, and utilization. Recognizing the specialized needs of financial reporting, we introduced GL Connect - a solution focused on transforming financial statement building and data analysis, all within the familiar realm of Excel.

GL Connect Team

Our Mission:

At SplashBI, our mission extends through GL Connect – empowering financial professionals with efficient, user-friendly tools. We simplify financial reporting, turning complex tasks into streamlined processes, enhancing both productivity and strategic decision-making. Our core values revolve around relentless innovation, empowering users with data-driven solutions, and a commitment to accessibility and excellence.

Kiran & Naveen

Empowering Your Financial Journey:

As an integral part of SplashBI, GL Connect epitomizes our dedication to elevating financial reporting. We navigate the complexities of financial data with robust, adaptable solutions. GL Connect uniquely combines real-time data retrieval, customizable reporting, and efficient data distribution, all tailored to the dynamic needs of financial professionals.

Join Our Journey:

In our continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation, we invite you to experience the transformative power of GL Connect. Be a part of redefining financial reporting and discover how GL Connect can elevate your business to new heights of efficiency and insight.