Drill Down With GL Connect

Explore the simplicity and depth of GL Connect’s drill-down feature in this video, showcasing how you can seamlessly navigate from summary to detailed financial data within Excel.

Drill-Down Feature

Key Benefits of GL Connect's
Drill-Down Feature:

Uncover deeper insights effortlessly with GL Connect’s versatile and intuitive drill down feature in Excel.

Multi-Level Exploration

Effortlessly navigate from GL balance to subledger detail for complete financial clarity.

One-Click Subledger Access

Instantly access subledger details with one click, streamlining month-end reconciliations.

Enhanced Reconciliation Process

Simplify and accelerate your reconciliation process with detailed, easy-to-access financial data.

Deep Data Analysis

Transform numbers into insights with deep analysis, uncovering the full story behind each balance.

A balance is just a number until you explore its depths; GL Connect's Drill Down brings every detail and reference to light, giving meaning to your financial totals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How detailed does the drill-down feature go in financial reports?

 It allows you to drill down to the most granular level, including Balance Journal, Balance Details, Journal Details, and all the way to the Subledger Details, providing a thorough understanding of each financial entry. Did we mention you can get from the top level to the subledger in one click??

Is the drill-down feature easy to use for those not familiar with advanced data analysis?

Yes, it's designed within Excel's familiar interface, making it intuitive and user-friendly, even for those with basic Excel skills.

Can I access real-time data using the drill-down feature?

Yes, for Oracle EBS, it provides real-time data access, and for Oracle Fusion Cloud, you get near-real-time data, ensuring your financial analysis is always based on the latest information.

Does this feature help in identifying discrepancies or anomalies in financial data?

Absolutely. By providing detailed insights down to transaction levels, it becomes easier to spot and investigate any discrepancies or anomalies.

Is the drill-down feature beneficial for audit and compliance purposes?

Yes, the ability to access detailed transactional data is invaluable for audit trails and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.