Meet The Team
Behind SplashGL

At SplashGL, a key solution of SplashBI, our strength lies in our global team. Anchored by our home office in Georgia, USA, and extended through our offices in India and the UK, we unite a diverse group of talented individuals. This global presence enriches our perspective, fostering innovation and creativity in our approach to financial reporting.

Our strength? Collaboration & Diversity

Our Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is key at SplashGL. Our teams in the USA, India, and the UK work in unison, bringing together a wealth of ideas and experiences. This collaborative spirit transcends geographical boundaries, enhancing our workplace culture and directly influencing the advanced functionality of SplashGL.

Diversity and

The diversity within our team reflects the variety of our users' needs. Drawing from experiences across different sectors and cultures, we develop solutions like SplashGL that resonate with users globally. Our diverse insights drive creativity, ensuring our products are adaptable and effective worldwide.

Join Our Team

Are you passionate about making a global impact in financial reporting? We’re always seeking talented individuals to join our family.

Leadership at the Helm

Our leadership team, based out of Georgia and spanning across continents, combines strategic vision with deep technical knowledge. Their guidance ensures that SplashGL not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of financial reporting.

Kiran Reddy Pasham

Co-Founder, President, and Chief Architect of SplashBI

Marc Ramos

Chief Marketing & Alliances Officer at SplashBI

Bhawan Mathur

Vice President of Sales at SplashBI

Graham Spicer

Country Head UK, EMEA & Asia, Global Oracle Alliance Director at SplashBI

Rafael Torres

Director of SplashGL at SplashBI

Kapil Kapur

VP of Customer Success at SplashBI