A Financial Statement Builder

Construct detailed financial statements with GL Connect. Transforming Excel into a powerful tool for accurate and efficient financial reporting.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits of GL Connect's Financial Statement Builder:

Elevate your financial reporting with GL Connect’s Financial Statement Builder, offering unmatched precision and ease in Excel.

Time Efficiency

Rapidly build financial statements, saving valuable time.


Ensures high precision in financial reporting, reducing errors.


Easily modify reports to meet specific business needs.

Excel Integration

Familiar interface, no new software learning required.

Transform Excel into your financial command center with GL Connect, where every feature converges to build insightful financial statements effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can GL Connect's Financial Statement Builder handle financial data specifically from Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Cloud?

Yes, it's specifically designed to integrate with Oracle EBS and Oracle Fusion Cloud, managing data from these sources effectively for accurate financial statements.

How does this tool save time compared to traditional financial statement preparation?

By automating data consolidation and report generation processes within Excel, it significantly reduces manual data handling and speeds up the entire reporting cycle.

Is it suitable for non-technical users, like those without advanced Excel skills?

Yes, its user-friendly interface and Excel integration make it accessible even for users with basic Excel knowledge.

Can I customize the financial reports to fit my company's specific reporting standards?

Definitely. GL Connect offers extensive customization options to align with your unique reporting requirements and standards.

Does it support real-time data updates for financial statements from Oracle EBS and near-real-time updates from Oracle Fusion Cloud?

Absolutely. For Oracle EBS, it provides real-time data updates, and for Oracle Fusion Cloud, it offers near-real-time updates, ensuring your financial statements are always current and accurate.