Exclusive Oracle Fusion Cloud Reporting

GL Connect is the only solution providing this level of advanced financial reporting directly from Oracle Fusion Cloud. Experience unparalleled insight and efficiency in your financial processes.

GL Connect, OCI enabled.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Reporting

GL Connect: Your clear choice for elevated financial reporting from Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP.

Instant Cloud

GL Connect enhances Oracle Cloud reporting with near real-time updates, providing swift insights for agile decision-making.

Detailed Data Analysis Made Easy

Transform transaction-level analysis in Oracle Cloud with GL Connect’s intuitive drill-down feature, enabling thorough and efficient data exploration.

Effortless Reporting Workflow

Streamline your Oracle Cloud reporting process with GL Connect, integrating smoothly into Excel for an efficient, user-friendly experience.

Reliable Data Accuracy

GL Connect complements Oracle Cloud by ensuring precise data extraction, enhancing the reliability and quality of your financial reports.

Faster Financial Closing

Complement Oracle Cloud’s capabilities with GL Connect to accelerate financial closing processes, achieving efficiency in month-end reporting.


Optimize your Oracle Cloud reporting with GL Connect, reducing costs while maintaining high-quality data management and analysis.

Financial Reporting

GL Connect Advantage for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

GL Connect’s near real-time reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud balances data freshness with resource efficiency. This approach allows for timely insights and informed decision-making, ideal for scenarios requiring quick yet comprehensive analysis. Experience the blend of speed and thorough data processing, optimizing your financial reporting strategy.

Innovative Architecture
for Enhanced Reporting

GL Connect’s architecture is uniquely designed for optimal Oracle Cloud integration. Data flows from Oracle Cloud through SplashBI connectors to our Data Warehouse, enabling near real-time reporting. This processed data then moves through the SplashBI Platform, finally integrating into Excel for comprehensive report generation by finance teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes GL Connect a future-proof solution for financial reporting?

GL Connect is designed to adapt to evolving financial reporting needs, supporting both current and emerging Oracle platforms. Its compatibility with Oracle Fusion Cloud and continuous updates ensure it stays ahead, providing a long-term reporting solution.

How does GL Connect enhance reporting from Oracle Fusion Cloud?

GL Connect uniquely offers near real-time reporting from Oracle Fusion Cloud, integrating directly with Excel for a streamlined and efficient reporting process.

Can GL Connect simplify my financial reporting process?

Yes, GL Connect simplifies financial reporting by allowing users to directly create, analyze, and distribute reports from within Excel, significantly reducing the complexity and time spent on report generation.

How does GL Connect aid in financial decision-making?

GL Connect provides in-depth, near real-time financial insights, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making by offering detailed data analysis and customizable reporting options.

Is GL Connect suitable for non-technical users?

Absolutely. GL Connect is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing financial professionals to harness its powerful features without needing extensive technical expertise, thanks to its intuitive self-service, Excel-based interface.