Bursting and Distribution of Reporting

Maximize efficiency in report distribution with GL Connect’s Bursting and Distribution feature, enabling automated, targeted delivery of financial reports across your organization.

Bursting & Distribution

Key Benefits of GL Connect's Bursting & Distribution

Streamline global report distribution with GL Connect’s efficient and intuitive bursting and distribution tools.

Automated Report Delivery

Streamline the distribution of reports to specific departments or individuals automatically.

Targeted Information Sharing

Ensure relevant financial data reaches the right stakeholders efficiently.


Drastically reduce the time spent on manual report distribution.

Enhanced Collaboration

Facilitate better communication and decision-making with timely report sharing

GL Connect's Bursting turns complex report sharing into a synchronized play, ensuring your entire finance team is on the same page, instantly and effortlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Bursting and Distribution feature in GL Connect work?

It automates the process of sending specific reports to designated recipients, based on predefined criteria, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Can this feature handle large-scale, global report distribution?

Absolutely, it's designed to efficiently manage report distribution on a global scale, making it perfect for multinational corporations.

Is it possible to customize the distribution lists and criteria?

Yes, you can fully customize distribution lists and criteria to meet your specific organizational needs.

How does this feature impact the collaboration within an organization?

By ensuring timely and relevant report sharing, it fosters better communication and collaborative decision-making.

Does the Bursting and Distribution feature integrate with existing email systems?

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with standard email systems for smooth and efficient report delivery.