Advanced Financial Reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & EBS, OCI Enabled.

Deep Dive to Subledger in Seconds.

Every detail matters. GL Connect makes sure you see them all.

Financial Reporting

Key Features of GL Connect

Cloud & EBS Ready

Unlock detailed financial clarity

Create reports independently, no IT needed.

Explore How GL Connect Elevates
Each Financial Function

Dive into role-specific benefits of GL Connect. Click “View Benefits” to see how GL Connect transforms tasks and boosts efficiency across departments.

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Strategic Oversight and
Global Reach


Precision in Financial

Financial Analyst:

In-Depth Analysis
and Custom Reporting


Streamlined Reporting
& Data Management


Strategic Planning
and Forecasting

IT Department:

Seamless Integration
and Support

The GL Connect Advantage

Transforming Your Approach
to Financial Analysis

Experience Efficiency and Innovation – Advanced Features for Enhanced Reporting

Custom Financial Statements, Simplified

GL Connect empowers you to design detailed, customized financial reports within Excel.

Dual Reporting Excellence with GL Connect.

Navigate Oracle Fusion Cloud and EBS reporting effortlessly within Excel.

Rapid Report Deployment

With GL Connect’s Bursting and Distribution, effortlessly deliver financial reports where they’re needed most, quickly and accurately.”

Granular Financial Analysis Made Simple

With GL Connects’s Drill Down tool, every fine detail of your financial data is effortlessly brought to the surface in Excel.

Personalized Financial Data Structuring

Arrange and analyze your financials your way with GL Connect’s Custom Hierarchies.

Collaborate with Confidence - GL Connect

"We are in love with SplashBI products. It is user-friendly & intuitive"

GL Connect makes it easy and safe to share financial reports, fostering better decision-making and collaboration.

Speed Of Light

Transform Your Reporting:
GL Connect's Lightning-Fast Data Retrieval

Watch the power of GL Connect in action as we demonstrate pulling an extensive 833,000-row report in less than three minutes – a task that previously took the customer 1.5 hours.

This real-time video showcases a staggering 98% time saving, revolutionizing the efficiency of financial reporting. Discover how GL Connect can transform your data analysis and reporting process, turning hours into minutes.

Before GL Connect
Under minutes
With GL Connect

Future-Proof Your Financial Reporting

Invest in GL Connect now for exceptional real-time reporting with Oracle EBS, and rest assured of a smooth transition to Cloud in the future. Our solution not only enhances your current reporting capabilities but also assures continuity and efficiency as you evolve to Cloud-based operations.

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Voices of GL Connect Success

Real Voices, Real Impact:
GL Connect Testimonials

Dive into the first-hand accounts of professionals who’ve elevated their financial processes with GL Connect.

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"Transitioning from Discoverer to SplashBI was like swapping a one wheel bicycle for a Ferrari."

Hari Tatrakal

Director of Data at Live Nation

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“SplashBI did a great job- we gave them the keys, they came in and installed it, and prepared it all for us, helped us migrate very smoothly.”

Brent Bolton

Senior Lead System Analyst

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“The automation has saved us significant time and effort, allowing us to focus on strategic decision-making. SplashBI has truly been the best implementation partner”

Carole Johnson

Project Manager

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“With a tight schedule on a mission-critical ERP implementation, having a partner like SplashBI helped the City of Tampa be as nimble as possible and SplashBI’s commitment to evolving with us was key to our success.”

Russell Haupert


Begin a New Chapter in Financial Reporting

Embrace the full potential of GL Connect. Take the first step to transform your data analysis and reporting processes.