Mastering Financial R.A.T.E. Optimising Financial Reporting At The University Of Oxford

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Why you should attend?

Finance professionals face persistent challenges in financial reporting, marked by complexities that can often obscure the transparency, accuracy, and efficiency required for effective management. The webinar, “Mastering Financial R.A.T.E.,” focuses on transforming financial reporting at the University of Oxford by enhancing reporting capabilities, ensuring accuracy in data handling, fostering transparency across multi-organisational systems, and boosting efficiency in processes. This session will delve into practical strategies for managing large datasets, improving report generation, and maintaining consistent data integrity. Attendees will explore tools and strategies to streamline reporting, enhance visualisations, and use self-service tools for tailored reports, focusing on reconciliation and analysis. The session emphasises leveraging technology to enhance accuracy and transparency in financial reports, driving continuous improvements, and simplifying complex processes for more efficient financial management.

In this session, you will learn about:

  • Leveraging technology and proven strategies to enhance accuracy and transparency in financial reports.
  • Empowering financial users with self-service reporting tools to create tailored reports for targeted reporting, reconciliation, and analysis.
  • Driving continuous enhancements across financial reporting practices while simplifying complex reporting processes for more efficient financial management.

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