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Transform how you consolidate, analyze, and share critical insights from your Oracle data with GL Connect.

Advanced Financial Reporting for Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP & EBS, OCI Enabled.

Impact of GL Connect for Financial

Powerful Capabilities at Your Fingertips

With GL Connect’s robust reporting, effortlessly transform your Oracle Financial data into insightful visualizations and actionable analyses-all within an incredibly user-friendly solution.

One solution spanning Oracle Cloud and EBS environments. Migrate to the cloud seamlessly without disrupting reporting processes you rely on.
With a few clicks, instantly go from high-level financial figures straight down to the underlying transactional details – all within Excel. No more guesswork or data hunting.
Automatically distribute financial reports to the right people at the right time, ensuring everyone has the latest numbers when they need them. Save hours of manual routing.
Structure your financial data hierarchies based on your unique business needs, not forced into rigid templates. Analyze numbers the way you want, flexibly.
Securely share live financial reports with teammates for faster collaboration. Control permissions and ensure data integrity when working together.
Design custom financial statements, reports and analyses with drag-and-drop simplicity. No more wrestling with complex templates or formatting issues.

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"We are in love with SplashBI products. It is user-friendly & intuitive"

"Tremendous experience with GL Connect. Incremental benefits from process efficiency & faster month-end closing"

"Before SplashBI, I only thought we could run reports, But now we do more"

"Our bug issues were resolved within 24 hours! Responsiveness to the customer is great"

"It's so easy to pull data from the cloud & have it available to us in another database. So now we have the database where we have our data sources"

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Dive into the first-hand accounts of professionals who’ve elevated their financial processes with GL Connect.

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